Housed in the 115-year-old historic Harvester Building, Harvester Kitchen offers a unique and inspiring experience focused on innovative American cooking and welcoming hospitality.

“We strive to exceed expectations and continually challenge ourselves to create dishes that will surprise and delight our guests,” said owner and chef Bryan Moscatello.

Alongside Moscatello is his managing partner and brother-in-law, Jim Entenman.

“We started Harvester Kitchen to create new experiences and to be a driving force in the renaissance of downtown Sioux Falls,” explained Bryan.

Bryan is no stranger to opening restaurants. With 30 years of experience under his wing, the chef has worked in esteemed restaurants and resorts across the United States. Ranging from Washington, D.C. and Napa Valley, to Aspen, and Chicago.

Bryan’s most recent role was the chef of The Oval Room, located one block away from The White House, which welcomed various dignitaries and celebrities from around the area.

After traveling around the country for many years, Bryan and his wife, Jamie, made the executive decision to move back to her hometown of Sioux Falls to be closer to family.

During the couple’s first trip back to the city, they dined at The Market, which once occupied the Harvester building.

“I was immediately taken with the charm and character of the space,” admitted Bryan. “It reminded me so much of the first restaurant I opened in Denver, which was also in an early 1900s building.”





Brioche and Jamon Iberico.


Pepperoni and basil.


Potato, verjus, and mustard.


Blanquette de Poulet.


Braised veal cheek and mushrooms.


Blood orange marmalade, kumquat, and pollen.

After the owners of The Market announced their retirement, Bryan jumped on the opportunity to lease the space and turn the building on East 6th Street into a home.

“I felt it was essential to give it a modern vibe while also preserving the historic feel of the building,” said Bryan.

Customers know they are arriving at a dining destination of unique character the moment they arrive. The décor and atmosphere invite guests into a comfortable and welcoming home for a dinner party.

Harvester Kitchen offers a unique residential atmosphere. According to Bryan, his guests a are invited into his home, rather than a restaurant. Throughout the space is a communal living room and den, accompanied by comfortable seating and fireplaces.

Overall, the space is created to mimic a residential loft in an urban downtown environment from the graffiti- tagged entry wall, comfortable living spaces, an open kitchen layout, and a formal dining area.

Bryan encourages his guests to take a peek into the kitchen as they dine.

The formal dining table is set with Bryan’s grandmother’s china, adding a special and personalized touch to his dishes.

The New Jersey native describes his cooking style as Innovative American.

“My biggest hope for the future is that we continue to be innovative and creative in our approach to serving our guests while delivering the highest quality of service and flavor.” – Bryan Moscatello

Menu items change monthly, and while they don’t have a permanent menu, a selection of classic recipes return in exciting and inventive ways.

Bryan says he begins the creative process of curating his menu by conversing with vendors to identify what ingredients are at peak freshness and availability.

“Once we understand the ingredients we have to work with, we use them to tell a story of the season through our two tasting menus and à la carte menus,” said Bryan.

He suggests that customers should try the Plant Based Tasting Menu or the Fish & Meat Tasting Menu.

“This is the best way to experience the full range of flavors and textures while staying true to the common theme,” he said. “We change our tasting menus on the first of every month.”

Patrons are able to pair their decadent meals with a robust selection of American-grown wines from the in-house glass wine storage.

In addition to curating special menus, Bryan creates unforgettable events.

On the third Tuesday of each month, guests have the opportunity to get inside the kitchen and experience the creation of their upcoming menus with Test Kitchen Tuesdays.

“Our relationship-based service style ensures that every visit to Harvester Kitchen is memorable.” – Bryan Moscatello

Harvester Kitchen’s calendar of events extends beyond their experimental events with special menus curated to celebrate Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, Christmas Eve, and most recently Valentine’s Day.

In the past year and a half, Bryan has created and served 350 dishes while introducing his customers to a new style of dining.

“Harvester Kitchen is a place where guests discover new experiences, simple but impactful discoveries that have pleasant, meaningful memories,” described Bryan.

For more information, visit HARVESTERKITCHENSF.COM.
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