The 605 Show went live from Thinker Networks and was joined by Executive Director Stacey Tieszen from CASA to discuss how the organization is caring for kids in Sioux Falls. Hosts Dan Card and Alana Snyder asked Stacey more about parenting, kids, and how to talk about the real world issues of child neglect in the city. Stacey explained that CASA is looking to gain 100 volunteers by the end of the year.

Tune in to hear more about the process of becoming a volunteer advocate, CASA’s Red Cape week and programs across the state, and follow along as Dan, Alana, and Stacey play a game of trivia. 

Don’t miss the conversation about CASA and the red capes, Alana’s recent experience at the Dog Park, statewide events to attend in April, and all of the other ridiculousness that can only be found on The 605 Show. A special thanks to our guests, Thinker Networks, and to our viewers!

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