From the majestic Mount Rushmore National Memorial to the sprawling Badlands National Park, South Dakota promises unforgettable travel experiences. 

With the launch of the campaign, Forever 605, the state can now showcase its wonders like never before. 

Developed by Travel South Dakota, Forever 605 is a program designed to raise awareness among visitors and residents about caring for South Dakota.

“State tourism departments are no longer exclusively tasked with attracting,” shared Mike Gussiaas, global marketing and brand strategy director. “The responsibility now reaches a much wider audience and includes destination stewardship.” 

Destination Stewardship is designed to balance visitors’ needs with the needs of destinations and residents. 

“Our plan was developed to strike a balance between the positive economic impacts of visitors to our communities and the correlated implications for responsible utilization and maintenance of our natural resources, sustainability of our community assets, and the preservation of our South Dakota way of life,” said James Hagen, Secretary of the South Dakota Department of Tourism. 

The campaign invites travelers to explore like a wanderer and care like a local.


The focus revolves around building awareness of lesser-known visitor experiences statewide while proactively promoting the state as a year-round destination. 

“We want to educate the residents and visitors on the importance of responsible travel practices, preserving cultural heritage, and supporting small businesses,” said Gussiaas. 

Beginning in June, Travel South Dakota invites brave wanderers and passionate stewards to use the hashtag, #Forever605 to show how they travel respectively on social media.

Join The Pledge

Visit and sign the pledge to be a brave wanderer and a passionate steward of the 605 state.

The Instagram contest incentivizes users to post their best photos of enjoying wildlife at a distance, exploring hidden gems off the beaten path, sharing a favorite memory, supporting a local business, and more.

Select winners will receive prizes including t-shirts and hats.

“Our overall goal of the #Forever605 social media is to encourage responsible travel and to create a platform for travelers to show their pride for the state,” said Hagen.

Travel South Dakota’s Forever 605 campaign serves as an open invitation to continue to explore the remarkable wonders throughout the state. With stunning natural landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture, South Dakota offers an unforgettable travel experience for all. 

Be forever curious, adventurous, wild, and proud. Forever 605. 

For more information, visit FOREVER605.COM+

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