The 605 Show went live from Thinker Networks with Miranda Bayse from Sioux Metro Growth Alliance.  

Hosts Dan Card and Alana Snyder discussed statewide events to attend in June. Alana talks more about this month’s issue of 605 Magazine, mentioning more summer outings like Black Hills Adventure Tours and Fleurish Flower Farms. Dan and Alana reminisce about past 605 Summer Classics and anticipate this year’s event on June 24!

Miranda Bayse from Sioux Metro Growth Alliance joined the conversation to talk about the partnerships and initiatives that the non-profit supports in order to advocate for intentional growth in rural South Dakota. Miranda spoke more about SMGA’s 2023 Growth Summit on September 20-21, “Filling The Housing Gap.” The two day conference looks to create intentional conversations to address housing inequality and quality of life struggles in our communities.

Tune in to hear more about how Alana gets “jelly-school” about attending small town festivals, get informed on the white nail polish scandal and the resurgence of 2000s fashion, and play a game of Smash or Refinance. A special thanks to our guests, Thinker Networks, and to our viewers!

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