Whether it’s the adorable branding, free samples, or the local food options, The Carrot Seed Kitchen Co. will make your mouth water. Owner Kirsten Gjesdal opened her doors in late June at 312 Main Avenue in downtown Brookings, and the SDSU alum’s reasoning for starting the business pretty understandable.

“I like eating and I like cooking, so it all worked perfectly,” she laughed.

We chatted with Gjesdal on a busy Saturday afternoon about current trends in the kitchen.

Collapsible Items

Cooks everywhere, rejoice! It is now becoming more common to have kitchen products collapse with a simple movement to make room for storage.

“Kitchen items take up so much space. With collapsible items, you could fit most of them in a drawer.”

carrot3 carrot6

Color, Color, and More Color 

Many products have pops of bright colors, adding a playful element to your kitchen.

“Everyone is really gravitating towards colors; not necessarily a color scheme – a lot of people choose all colors of the rainbow.”


Local Products

Local has never been more popular, and this is also finding its way into kitchen products (and stomachs) everywhere.

“We have handmade soaps, local coffee – all our foods besides two or three items are within miles of Brookings.”

carrot4 carrot5

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