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Maren Jensen started her blog, Midwest in Style, in February to bring a little style to the prairie. After leaving her job as a reporter, she found that she missed writing and felt she could fill a gap in the blogosphere. 

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How did you become interested in blogging, and blogging about style in particular?

MJ: I became interested in blogging about three years ago after I left my job as a reporter in Sioux Falls. About a year ago I found that blogging gave me the outlet I desired for my own writing, since I was no longer writing every day. My current job as an events and marketing specialist allows me to use my writing skills, but blogging allows me to write about my own interests. I started following several fashion and style bloggers, because I have always been interested in fashion, styling, and all things shopping. I realized that creating a style blog allowed me to merge my two passions of writing and fashion.

Where did the idea for Midwest in Style come from?

MJ: When I was tossing around the idea of starting my own fashion/style blog, I became more aware of people in my life who would ask me about where I shopped or where I came up with my outfit ideas. I thought, ‘I wish there was a way I could share my answers to these common questions with anyone looking for ways to improve their style.’ Honestly, I’m no fashion expert…I just never stopped playing ‘dress up.’ I am constantly online shopping or reading fashion magazines to get outfit inspiration.

How do you come up with ideas for posts?

MJ: I get new ideas everywhere! I am constantly observing trends, reading magazines, researching designers, and picking up ideas from other bloggers. Many of my ideas come from things going on in my own life. For example, I took a “closet diet” this summer with some other bloggers that I had gotten to know through Instagram. We challenged each other to find new ways to style things that we already had in our closets without buying anything new for an entire month. That challenge prompted me to write several posts about how to remix things you already own and how to make your closet feel bigger without constantly buying new pieces. I also get great ideas from readers who make requests about what they would like to see, which is wonderful. The best part of the blogging process is interacting with people who share common interests. It makes the world feel a lot smaller.

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