Mount Rushmore, the Shrine of Democracy, is a very popular place to spend the birth of our country every Fourth of July. It is well known for representing four very important presidents of the United States: George Washington for the birth of our nation, Thomas Jefferson for the growth of our nation, Theodore Roosevelt for the development of our nation, and Abraham Lincoln for the preservation of our nation.

There are many ways to commemorate this holiday and this monument. Rob and Kim Livingston at Sick N Twisted Brewing, just down the road from Mount Rushmore, developed their own unique way to say thank you to these men who did so much for our United States – a four pack of beer paying homage to each.

Presidential Beer 2

The idea came when representatives from Mount Rushmore approached Sick N Twisted in Hill City and asked for some beverages that could be sold at the national park. Rob loved the idea, and he and Kim started brainstorming what this beer would taste like. The husband and wife team decided to do multiple beers: one beer representing each president to create a complete four pack so customers could take home their four favorite politicians.

Together, the four styles of beer show a cross section of the types of craft brew Sick N Twisted produces. Alcohol contents of the group range from 5.7 percent to 10 percent; IBUs (International Bitterness Units) range from 20 IBUs to 102 IBUs. A porter, a blond ale, a red ale, and an IPA make up the quartet and create a perfect palate pleaser for any beer lover.

George Washington


Never Tell a Lie Porter: Though he established the nation’s largest whiskey distillery in 1797, documents prove that Washington was indeed a fan of porter-style beer. Hence, the father of our country has a dark porter named for him. This rich beer has moderate bitterness at 33.6 IBUs and moderate-plus alcohol at 8.0 percent. Pour a mug of this porter to toast the first president of the United States of America.

Thomas Jefferson


Declaration of IPA: Known as the “Pen of the Revolution,” Jefferson was also well-known for his love of wine. He even tried to grow grapes for winemaking at his Monticello estate. However, Sick N Twisted wanted to show his strength in the formation of our nation by making a powerful imperial pale ale. It packs a punch with its 102 IBUs and 10 percent alcohol. Declare your love of the IPA style of beer with a pint of Jefferson’s namesake.

Theodore Roosevelt


Big Stick Lemon Grass Mint Blond Ale: Theodore Roosevelt loved the Black Hills and the great outdoors. He also liked mint juleps. This ingredient acted as the inspiration for this light ale. Fresh lemongrass and mint are added to create this refreshing beer with low 5.7 percent alcohol and 20 IBUs. Pour a mug to toast to all Teddy and his Rough Riders did for our region.

Abraham Lincoln


Honest Abe Red Ale: Lincoln, who owned a drinking establishment in Illinois and was a licensed bartender, was the inspiration for this imperial red ale. This is an honest, medium-bodied beer with moderate-plus alcohol—8.0 percent—and moderate IBUs—40 IBUs. The beautiful red craft brew will unify beer lovers everywhere and make them want a second pint.


Presidental Beer 1

Say “happy birthday, America” by honoring the United States’ four most important presidents just like Rob and Kim Livingston did. First, take a trip to Mount Rushmore – the Shrine of Democracy – and second, grab a four pack of presidential beers from Sick N Twisted Brewing. Purchase directly at Mount Rushmore or buy at any of the three Sick N Twisted locations: Hill City, Custer, and Keystone.

God bless the USA…and beer!


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