No time for the gym because of all those outdoor chores? Combine your workout with your yard work using these tips.

Squatting while watering
For each plant you water, do five squats using your watering can as a weight.

Put “move” back in “mowing”
Get your heart pumping while mowing by doing 10 pushups every time you complete a section of the lawn.

Paint it on, stretch it out
Arms getting sore from touching up paint on the house? Do some cross-body and over the head tricep and bicep stretches after every 30 minutes of painting.

Jump into trimming
After all that bush trimming, stiffness is sure to follow. Shake it out with 10 jumping jacks after each plant trimmed (make sure to put the shears down first).

Time to weed? Use your knees!
Weeding can get hard on the knees (and the back, and the hands), mix up the monotony by doing 30 seconds of high knees and butt kicks for every five weeds pulled.

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