Brita Craven turned a sweet project with daughter Avery into a thriving business. Avery was homeschooled in high school and had dreams of becoming a business owner. After starting college, lots of late nights brainstorming, and a shared passion for “beauty, enthusiastic creativity, and a love of elite exquisite cotton candy,” Sweet Fluff Artisanal Cotton Candy was born. The Rapid City duo created a custom cart and are hired for weddings and other events, personalizing each “fluff” for clients.

SWEET FLUFF ARTISANAL COTTON CANDY IS KNOWN FOR… filling the air with warm sweetness, unique, and unexpected flavors, elegant texture and color, as well as fun, and sometimes glamorous, adornments. The charming cart decorated to suit the occasion is a lovely addition to any event. The fluffs themselves are known for being wonderful conversation starters.

WE CREATE THE UNIQUE DESSERT BY… using only the best organic sugar and natural organic flavors. The sugar goes into the machine and comes out a lovely, fairy floss. As our fluffs are so very natural, they have gentle subtle color, so we enjoy adding various sprinkles, edible glitter, custom wafers, and even edible fresh mini flowers and petals.

A WAFER TOPPER IS… an edible wafer paper and edible ink cut into custom shapes like butterflies, dragonflies, hearts, flowers, leaves etc. in the colors of the event or season. Some wafers are made with the wedding couple’s names and date, special sayings, and even company logos. The wafers are carefully placed on your fluff as a fun edible accent.

WHAT WE REALLY ENJOY ABOUT THE WEDDING INDUSTRY IN SOUTH DAKOTA IS… the incredibly supportive and encouraging network of outstanding companies. As a young business in South Dakota, we have been lifted up and inspired by the kind welcome we have received from all variety of businesses in the industry.

OUR GO-TO RESTAURANTS IN SOUTH DAKOTA ARE… Delmonico [Grill] in Rapid City for lunch, the Alpine Inn in Hill City for dinner, and the Sugar Shack in Deadwood on the way home with our Christmas tree. We’re also in love with Et-i-quette [Catering Co.] for a private comfort dinner with Fireside S’mores for dessert. It’s heaven! The Black Hills area is not lacking in delicious places and ways to eat.

Sweet Fluff Kiosk

Check out Sweet Fluff’s seasonal kiosk at the Rushmore Mall throughout November and December. Order custom gift baskets and take-home party packages, as well as spinning up personal “fluffs” with fall and winter themes.

THE BEST PART OF LIVING IN THE BLACK HILLS IS… family, friends, four beautiful seasons, green all year long, quick and easy access to trails, scenic views, dinosaurs, bald eagles, bighorn sheep… were we supposed to pick one best part?

SOMETHING PEOPLE MIGHT NOT KNOW ABOUT ME IS… that I have an adorable empty chicken coup with a red and white Swedish theme sitting in my backyard waiting for hens to become legal. I’m ready!

IF YOU’RE INTERESTED IN WORKING WITH US… it’s important to know that the two or three hours you see us were preceded by many other hours of planning, preparing, and agonizing over details to make you a special cotton candy experience.

ONE OF THE MOST FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS WE GET IS… how did you get this idea? We prayed to find a way to work together, use our talents, bring joy to as many people as possible, create something beautiful, and make the world a sweeter place to be. We also looked around for something the Black Hills didn’t already have.

ONE EVENT TREND WE ARE LOVING RIGHT NOW IS… that couples are making sure their weddings are a unique expression of themselves instead of an imitation. It is an incredible experience watching receptions unfold from behind the Sweet Fluff cart!


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