When Marylisa and Blaine Crissman moved to Sioux Falls from Chicago eight years ago, they knew they wanted more space. Little did they know that would land them in the middle of the city. After a few coats of paint and some Charleston charm, this hidden gem turned into their dream home.


From the almost solid wall of trees, to the 2.7 acres of outdoor space, the Crissman’s love their outside as much as the inside of their home. With a firepit, a pond, and a pergola, it was easy to see why.“We built the firepit down there. It has just been the best place for memories and gatherings,” said Crissman. “It really feels like you’re camping, especially because you are so far from the house; and there is always a ton of wildlife.”

To the side of the house sits the custom-built pergola, complete with a twin bed turned swing that is perfect for basking in the sun or watching the sunset.“We spend a lot of time out here. Sometimes my friends and I will sit out here and have a glsas of wine, or I will read a book with Finn (our dog) and it’s just so relaxing,” said Crissman.

In addition to these spaces, the Crissmans also have a deck overlooking their backyard, as well as a small grill deck off of the kitchen.

“Our neighborhood is just so great, having space outside makes it even better.”

“a neat feature of the house is when the trees are in full bloom, you can’t even tell there is a house back here.”


Situated between the front door and the deck are the living room, dining room, and music room. With an open concept coming into play, the stone fireplace acts as one of the only barriers between areas. 

“Our old house was very traditional and everything was compartmentalized. I just wanted something completely different,” said Crissman.Crissman went on to explain the open concept lends itself well to her love for cooking and hosting parties, which brought us to her favorite piece.

“My favorite piece in the whole house is this table. I have had this table forever, but I could never find the square room for it,” said Crissman. “But when we saw this house, it finally fit.”

Whether you find yourself at the epic dining room table, or nestled on the couch, one thing you will never be void of is a view of the surrounding trees.“When the trees are in full bloom, like they are right now, you really can’t see much of the house from the street. That makes the inside even more private,” said Crissman.

“it’s so quiet, you don’t even realize you’re in town.”


At the center of it all is the kitchen. With an abundance of storage and a breakfast nook tucked in the corner, Crissman was all smiles while walking us through her beloved gathering place.

“I love the kitchen. I don’t know if I could pick my favorite aspect, though I do love the size of it and the island is great,” said Crissman.Besides the island, the kitchen consists of multiple windows that overlook the acreage, contributing to the idea of open coziness.

“We’ve just had some great memories in this kitchen,” said Crissman. “From baking Christmas cookies to curling up in the breakfast nook, it’s been really nice.”

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