Susie Patrick and her team at Breadsmith invited the 605 crew to join them for their early-morning baking session. Done on a daily basis, Breadsmith employees gather at the 33rd Street location in the early hours of the morning to make bread for all of the Sioux Falls locations. Eager to learn what goes into the delicious products they sell, we got our coffee ready and dreamed about cinnamon rolls while we awaited the sounds of our 4 a.m. alarms.

John Snyder, Yany Avelar, Taylor Hanson, Tyson Schultz, and I showed up, were given aprons, and had our hands in some dough before we could say “bread.” The fast-paced environment was fascinating, and the group was nothing but welcoming and helpful. From Ciabatta to Cinnamon Cobblestone, we kneaded our way through copious amounts of dough – learning a lot along the way. Here is a photo and video recap of our flour-filled morning with Breadsmith.

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