Join Remedy Brewing Company to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day a little early.

“We’ve got some races that are going to be starting out here in the morning,” said Matt Hastad, co-founder and CEO of Remedy in Sioux Falls. 

The Lucky 7s Run will begin and end at at the taproom, offering three different types of races along with a couple of virtual options. 

After the race, or during if running isn’t the move, warm up in the taproom and sip a beer. 

“Then we’re going to be doing some live music, food specials, beer specials, things like that,” Hastad explained. 

Hastad wants people to know that Remedy’s festivals are not going anywhere. 

First Fridays out in the parking lot are going to be a big thing that we want people to come back out for,” he said. 

They also want to make more use of their outdoor space this year. 

“We’ve got such a cool little parking lot out there, not just a place to sit, but a place to come and just spend a whole afternoon,” he explained. 

Keep an eye open for new events, and swing by to get a taste of what they have to offer. 

Kicking off 2021, the year that will mark its fourth anniversary, Remedy announced a new menu selection. 

“We had our two chefs come up with a completely new menu,” said Hastad. 

While the previous menu was thick with bar food that went well with beer, Remedy now offers menu items that are more fit for a meal and even a handful of vegetarian-safe and gluten-free options. 

“We’ve got a couple things on there that are favorites that we brought back: Chislic and the Dimock Cheese Bite Basket,” said Hastad. “Then the rest, we gave [the chefs] free reign and said have some fun.” 

The selection ranges from Pretzel Bites, Buffalo Chicken Bacon Ranch Flatbread, and Wings to Mac ‘n’ Cheese, BBQ Pork Wrap, and Cinnamon Pretzel Bites

Through this new menu and through their beers, Hastad says that Remedy “cures what ales you.” 

“Whether you’re having a good day, bad day, you’re celebrating or you’re mourning, we’ve got beer that can be a remedy,” said Hastad. 


The week before St. Patrick’s Day, participate in a race that starts and ends at Remedy, or stay warm in the taproom while waiting to cheer on returning runners. More info: 

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See what’s happening and what’s new on the menu, in the brewing lineup, or on the calendar.

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Miner Brewing Co.  | Sioux Falls, Hill City

+Strawberry Cider

Hard Cider
Green apple tartness is balanced by jam-like strawberry sweetness. With a crisp dry finish, this cider brings about memories of warmer months.

Ben’s Brewing Co. | Yankton

+POG West Side Park IPA

Fruited IPA
POG West Side Park IPA is the first fruited variety of Ben’s best-selling beer, containing passion fruit, orange, and guava with Citra, Amarillo, Centennial, and Challenger hops.

Fernson Brewing Co. | Sioux Falls

+Seltzer Sunrise

Hard Agave Seltzer
Another entry in Fernson’s line of experimental seltzers including real fruit purée and hibiscus petals. While these seltzers aren’t as low sugar and low calorie as Skip Day, they are both flavorful and colorful.

A Homestead Brew | Valley Springs

+Beer Branding

A Homestead Brew | March 20 | 2 p.m.
Enjoy having your beer “poked” by Homestead fire tenders, giving your beer caramel flavors. Dress for the weather and stay warm by the fire.

Look’s Beer Co. | Sioux Falls

+Rye On Park

Rye Pale Ale
Rye On Park is an old-school pale ale packed with rye. The result is a spicy punch that goes with the Cascade, Centennial, and Citra hops.

Crow Peak Brewing Company | Spearfish

+Crowcoanut Porter

Imperial Porter
Crowcoanut Porter is a dark, malt-forward beer that has rested on toasted coconut and cacao nibs. The chocolate and coconut enhance the underlying flavors of coffee and dried fruit.

Sawyer Brewing Co.  | Spearfish

+Strawberry Cheesecake Sour

Sour Ale
Strawberry Cheesecake is a sour ale bursting with real strawberries. Sweet with a touch of sour culminating in a smooth vanilla finish.

Covert Artisan Ales & Cellar | Sioux Falls

+Peach Bretta

Fruited Table Beer
Named after Covert’s cat, Peach Bretta is a funky, fruity table beer conditioned on peaches. It’s Covert’s sweet, tart, and sessionable entry for Mash Madness.

One Legged Pheasant Brewery  | Aberdeen

+Brewery Bingo

One Legged Pheasant Brewery | March 17, 22, 27 | 7 p.m.
Brewery Bingo is a customer interactive experience hosted by Jason the Magnificent, a smart-talking wise guy. There’s dancing, music, free beer, and a chance to win a progressive pot that grows weekly.

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