Event Time: April 1, 2022 at 7:30 p.m.

Step into the energetic arena tour of the ‘70s and ‘80s with Hairball at the Swiftel Center in Brookings as the performers bring to life arena rock legends.

“Hairball is way more than just your average tribute band because they do all of the costumes, lights, and pyro. It’s a whole experience,” said Kristina Lankow, director of marketing for the Swiftel Center.

From smoke and pyrotechnics to iconic hairstyles and outfits, Hairball steps into the platform shoes of the bands they are playing embodying.

“Throughout the whole show, they do drop-dead accurate tributes to these arena headlining bands that you love rocking out to,” said Lankow.

Just a few of the artists they play tribute to are Van Halen, Queen, KISS, Journey, Aerosmith, AC/DC, Prince, Guns N’ Roses, and Motley Crue.

“Each ‘performer’ does a set of songs. Then they change to tribute a different band, so the people who know that band get really excited and start cheering. Then the next tribute comes out, and people get excited all over again,” explained Lankow. “You have a constant flow of that excitement of an artist taking the stage all night long.”

Favorite Performances

+ Happy | Lead Guitar + Vocals | Van Halen
+ Brian HBK | Bass + Vocals | Guns N’ Roses
+ Billy | Drums | All acts, but especially Van Halen
+ Kris Vox | Vocals | Rob Halford
+ Joe Dandy | Vocals | Ozzy
+ Dave Moody | Vocals | Brian Johnson

The Hairball performers aren’t the only ones who get into character for the concert. 

“We have people showing up in that ‘80s hair, metal, grunge. They’ve got their hair hairsprayed to the high heavens,” said Lankow with a smile.

The energy of the venue is high with rock ‘n’ roll enthusiasts jamming with the beat and immersing themselves in each note from reserved seats or the general admission arena floor.

“People tend to know every word of this show. So the crowd is just singing along and performing right alongside with the performers,” said Lankow. “It’s fun to see these guys sing all of your favorite songs all in one night.”

Since the Brookings community gets so into the performance, this is the eleventh time Hairball will have taken the stage at the Swiftel Center.

“They’re going to play the songs that you and everybody else knows. It’s like listening to all the songs you know in one concert.” -Kristina Lankow

“I expect that we’ll have an awesome crowd of lots of people,” said Lankow. “Especially because it’s a Friday night show, it’s the most epic way to kick off your weekend.”

Step back a few decades for the full experience to start off the weekend.

“Honestly, it is difficult to tell the difference between these guys and the original artists. They’re so accurate with how they portray these bands,” said Lankow.

It’s worth attending for any melomaniac or musician regardless of age.

Ticket Booth

Advanced: $25
At the Gate: $33

“It’s not just for somebody who was around when the originals were around. It’s a concert where you see people there with their kids and teenagers, and they’re excited,” explained Lankow. “Or you see college kids and their buddies hanging out and enjoying this classic, notable rock music. But trust me, it’s also for mom’s night out! So get your babysitters lined up now.”

Pick up tickets at the Swiftel Center, or find the link on their website.

For more information, visit swiftelcenter.com.
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