At the heart of Fisher & Co. Real Estate are two bold sisters who bring their unique strengths to the table, forming a partnership that blends experience and knowledge.

With over 30 years in real estate combined, Danielle Konechne and Dana Fisher have crafted a narrative of success that reflects their dedication to serving their clients.

Previously known as Fisher Sisters Real Estate, the siblings wanted to reflect their mission of enhancing the lives of their clients into a new brand.

“Our main goal was to improve the quality and status of our brand, matching the mission of our company,” said Fisher. “We aimed for it to be clean, stately, aesthetically pleasing, and overall elevated. I think we’ve been able to achieve that.”

With the help of their director of operations, Jenny McMillen, the real estate company was able to take on their new persona.

“My strengths are organizing and checklists, so once I had our foundation I went to work with the building blocks,” said McMillen. “It was a lot of work, but very rewarding to see the final results.”

Fisher added, “She was able to take our ideas and put them into motion. We were able to use our own talent that’s local and in-house. Jenny is the backbone of our business.”

Dana Fisher, Danielle Konechne, and Jenny McMillen

Award Winning Duo

Fisher & Co. was awarded Best of Sioux Falls Real Estate Agency in 2019 and 2020.

The sisters’ goal and mission of their firm stand the test of time, stating that they’re committed to improving the lives of their clients and communities throughout the Sioux Falls area.

“We hold a high level of service and have a hands-on approach throughout the process,” said Fisher. “It’s very helpful since many people who are buying or selling a property are stressed or have busy lives.”

For Fisher and Konechne, buying or selling a home or property is more than just a transaction; it’s a life-changing experience for their clients.

This philosophy drives the pair to go the extra mile to understand their clients’ distinct needs, preferences, and aspirations, allowing them to calm clients’ nerves.

“When buyers and sellers meet with us, we discuss the challenges and benefits and help advise them,” shared Fisher. “We build a level of trust with expertise and strong skill sets and I think that puts our clients at ease.”

Konechne continued, “We’re not just selling a home. We’re helping people create and achieve a new lifestyle to make life easier. Sometimes people need more efficient space, or they need to downsize, or they’re combining households.”

“I’ve been with Dana & Danielle for eight years. Throughout that time, I’ve felt incredibly valued & that I make a difference, not only in their business, but in their personal lives.” -Jenny Mcmillen

As well as selling real estate, the dynamic duo offers a concierge service, aiding in a smooth transaction for everyone.

“We’re a full spectrum-type of company,” said Konechne. “Whether our clients need contractors, help with movers, affiliates to come touch up details before listing a house, or a staging service. There are just many moving parts to everybody’s real estate needs.”

Fisher continued, “We often work with clients who want an advisor and someone to care for them and a high level of service.”

Every interaction is marked by professionalism, dedication, and a comprehensive understanding of the unique demands of the real estate market.

“Danielle and I know exactly how many homes or properties are on the market, how many are pending, what the average days on the market are, what price range is selling quickly, and what changes are taking place in Sioux Falls,” said Fisher.

Get To Know Dana:

+ She has visited Uganda, Zambia, Haiti, & the Dominican Republic on mission trups with non-profit Christian organizations.
+ She loves playing adult co-ed soccer & in women’s soccer leagues.

Get To Know Danielle:

+ She sold real estate in Manhattan & the Hamptons before moving back home to Sioux Falls
+ She temporarily lived in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina.
+ She served under Security Forces in the Air National Guard for six years.

This comprehensive understanding of the market is essential to netting the most amount of money and providing the best outcome and results for their clients.

“It’s helpful to have all of the market information, the comparable sales, and all of the data at their fingertips, so they can make the best decision for themselves right now,” explained Fisher.

Fisher and Konechne’s hands-on approach ensures that their clients feel supported throughout the process, which Konechne shares has garnered loyal clientele and numerous referrals.

The duo believes that transparency, open communication, and dedication are the cornerstones of a successful real estate journey.

They keep their clients informed at every step of the process, providing insights, and advice that empowers clients.

“Every transaction is different, and there are many moving parts. Sometimes it can be challenging, but it’s worth it.” -Danielle Konechne

In addition to providing their clients with top-of-the-line service, the siblings are not the only ones working behind the scenes. Fisher & Co. works with various affiliates throughout the Sioux Falls area.

“We work hard to build great relationships with our affiliates, so they help us make the process from listing to closing seamless,” said Konechne.

“We have fantastic people that we work with from tile companies, lenders, contractors, electricians, foundation experts,” Fisher continued. “We could not run our business without them.”

“We have 30 years combined and we hope to have 50 more. it’s in our blood to do this and it’s part of who we are now.” -dana Fisher

Throughout their real estate journey, Fisher and Konechne have learned valuable skills and lessons that have allowed them to grow in their careers.

“We’ve learned so much over the years, and like any company we’ve made our fair share of mistakes,” said Fisher.

She continued, “We believe in the power of education. We’ve had many real estate coaches and mentors that have assisted with our growth, the value we offer, and our skills, and mindsets.”

For more information, visit FISHERAND.CO+
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