The 605 Show is back again from Thinker Networks and joined by Kelsi and Teresa Hart from Hart Financial Group.

Hosts Dan Card and Alana Snyder dove into a candid conversation with Teresa about finances, financial education, and educating and empowering women in the realm of personal finance. 

Teresa is a financial professional with well over a decade of experience, and her focus is on education, empowerment, and building community. Dan and Alana learned more about different events that the Kelsi and Teresa are putting on in South Dakota, such as firearms safety and training, business and financial education, and women focused leadership events.

Join Dan, Alana, Teresa and Kelsi for a game of “Financial Fiascos” where the financial pair helps the 605 crew out of some sticky hypothetical situations. 

A special thanks to our guests, Thinker Networks, and to our viewers!

DISCLAIMER: all of the scenarios in the game are at best wildly unrealistic and created solely for the purpose of entertainment. Any and all of the financial suggestions or strategies mentioned in the game are not to be taken as professional counsel. If you or a loved one are interested in seeking a conversation with a financial professional, contact Teresa Hart and Hart Financial.

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