Founded with a commitment to their trade, their city, and their clients, Nichols Painting Co. serves the city of Sioux Falls with high-quality custom painting services.

Owners Andrea and Sam Nichols hold strong backgrounds in different art mediums, and the husband and wife believe their degrees and experience have instilled a passion for design, color, and the quality of work.

When the pair met, they say they practically fell in love with paint brushes in their hands. Along with Andrea’s younger years growing up painting with her dad, the two gained valuable experience working at a large painting company, which led to their business endeavor today.

“Painting has been a part of our entire relationship,” shared Andrea.

As the Nichols were developing into their painting careers after college, Sam started to take hold of a passion for working in the housing industry.

“I started to get a love for learning a skill and a trade, while finding a tangible way to serve the community,” said Sam.

The young couple had fallen in love with the city of Sioux Falls, interacting with numerous communities, and residents who hold a unique pride in the city. Sam and Andrea thought providing their talents would be a new way to serve the area.

“we work hard to keep our jobsite clean & organized. a crucial part of a quality paint finish is a clean environment & space.” -Sam nichols

In 2020, the couple began their residential painting company. Over the past few years, Nichols Painting Co. has embarked on a journey of unwavering commitment to excellence.

“With our own business we could control more and be able to hone in on certain types of painting and quality of work,” explained Sam. “We’ve been able to slow things down and go from high production to high service.”

Nichols Painting Co. provides interior, exterior, cabinetry, trim, and front door painting services, as well as unique finishes such as limewashing and whitewashing.

“We love incorporating artistic finishes into our work. It really sets us apart from the average paint job of just a color change,” said Andrea.

Fun Fact

This fall, Andrea & Sam are working to offer weekend classes to teach DIYers how to paint their cabinetry themselves with the use of professional finishes & products.

With 20-plus years of experience combined, The Nichols are ready to help take their clients’ homes to new heights of creativity and quality.

“Serving people in their homes is more personal,” said Andrea. “You’re in their space, especially on larger projects, and you’re a part of their daily lives. That’s something Sam and I both love.”

She continued, “Some paint jobs require a higher level of skill and prep work in order to achieve the final product. Our services take on that higher level of quality and are long-term. It’s what we want to be known and hired for.”

Over the years, the couple have painted a wide variety of homes, different architectural styles, and have gotten to know the different areas of the town.

As Andrea and Sam have grown, they say they have grown fonder of historic homes around town, particularly in McKennan Park.

“We’ve done so many homes all over the area, but we really love those neighborhoods with older established homes,” stated Andrea. “Every house is so different and holds its own charm and history.”

She adds that those homes hold an immense amount of character, and to be a part of updating and preserving the history the home holds is special.

Passion Project

Andrea: “My favorite project of mine was with a young family in the McKennan Park area. They had us paint the interior, including all their trim, cabinetry, walls, ceilings, and the whole exterior of their home. We were able to leave an impact on the house as a whole and update this hundred year home. It’s always satisfying to see those spaces after we’ve done our work there.”

Sam: “My favorite project was this past winter when we worked on a remodel with a local builder whose clients are bold with their decisions. It was a stunning remodel of the master bedroom, bathroom, and living space. They chose a ton of fun, bright, and bold colors that spoke to them and really brought personality and energy to their space.”

“Those clients are appreciative of the transformation that we do because they have an affinity for these homes,” said Sam. “We’re helping them curate these spaces for them to enjoy time with their family and friends, hosting events, or hanging out in a place that makes them happy.”

Want to elevate a space, but don’t know where to start? Nichols Painting Co. offers Color Consultations to help bring someone’s vision to life.

Choosing a color can be intimidating, but Andrea says she eases clients into the process.

“A Color Consultation is about an hour long session, and it initially starts with me meeting the clients and talking about their vision or the direction they want to go,” explained Andrea.

“It’s a lot of time together, but I think working with each other has made our marriage stronger. We’ve had to work through a lot of projects and see the end results and enjoy that.” -Andrea nichols


Sam attended Southeast Technical College, earning a degree in graphic design and Andrea attended the University of Sioux Falls, earning a degree in graphic design and a minor in business.

The consultation meets in the living space where Andrea will evaluate new and existing furniture and décor and pick out key colors that aid in the clients’ direction.

“I typically put up a few samples and let them live with those colors for a while so they can make a strong final decision,” said Andrea. “I help them through the entire process, give them ideas, and my opinion, and do the work of getting samples for them.”

But what the couple enjoys most about their job is transforming the homes of their clients.

“We love to create a space, curate a room, or a surface that elicits an emotional response,” said Sam. “Painting is visual and accessible. Transforming a space can be great, but improving the quality of the painted finishes by going beyond a client’s expectations is incredibly rewarding.”

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