Downtown Aberdeen has reshaped its identity to become a highly sought-after destination throughout the year. Main Street is a walkable six-block stretch of close-knit buildings, historic character, and an exciting sense of neighborhood with up-and-coming entrepreneurship.

The new Malchow Plaza has completely transformed the welcoming feeling and placemaking, says the executive director of Aberdeen Downtown Association, Alexa Sheldon

“The plaza has made space for concerts, farmers markets, and other events we didn’t have room for before,” added Sheldon. 

The downtown community has also flourished with new local businesses, eateries, bars, apartments, and more. 

“Our downtown is evolving so quickly,” said Sheldon. “New businesses are popping up on every block.”
Events and outreach specialist Meg White and Sheldon share more about the six most recent businesses that joined the downtown community.

1. Monstera Esthetics

Located directly across the plaza on 5th Avenue, Monstera Esthetics empowers its clients to look and feel their best while building love for their bodies. 

The parlor offers result-driven treatments that focus on relaxing both body and spirit.

Owner, Janea Hagen, is one of five women to operate Monstera who specialize in various skin care services under the same roof. 

“They provide waxing, lashes, brows, body treatments, peels, microderm, and many more services,” shared Sheldon. 

Both Sheldon and White agree that the atmosphere contributes to the overall experience.

“Monstera has this dreamy vibe when you walk in where you just want to read a book and stay for a while,” said White. “Their waiting room is painted with a beautiful plant-green color with cozy seating, wood tones, and a relaxing ambiance.” 

Sheldon added, “Our friends at Monstera Esthetics are so excited to be downtown, and we’re so glad they’re here.” 

“If you visit downtown Aberdeen, I think you can expect to be surprised by what we have to offer here in the Northeastern corner of our state.” -Meg White

2. Barbeque Twist

Downtown Aberdeen’s newest culinary stop, Barbeque Twist offers a unique take on the traditional taste of barbeque. 

“Barbeque Twist is the new cool kid on the block as it’s located in a prime location across from the Capitol Theatre,” said Sheldon. 

The restaurant exemplifies the best of both worlds, featuring smoked meats flavored with bold flavors from South African culinary traditions and smoky charm from American barbecue.

Sheldon shares the must-tries of Barbeque Twist: the smoked wings and the homemade South African Rooibos Iced Tea

“One of the owners is from South Africa and wanted to share his roots on the menu,” added White. 

The newest addition of the eatery came just in time to enjoy the nice weather while customers dined in. 

A newly renovated patio is tucked between the neighboring buildings, introducing a new open-air atmosphere while tying in the existing warm and inviting space.

3. Swag Shoppe

The Swag Shoppe is the epitome of creative entrepreneurship Sheldon expressed. 

The young owners of the apparel shop worked together to create this business model that only has one rule: They’re able to customize anything. 

The sky is the limit with their affordable pricing and one-off customization jobs for items such as hats, shirts, sweatshirts, stickers, event signage, tumblers, and more. 

“You can either bring in your design or their team is happy to help create a custom design for their customers,” said White. 

The Swag Shoppe doesn’t limit their customer’s orders as their team is on hand and ready to help every customer create their idea from start to finish. 

As their company slogan states, “Tell us your vision. We’ll bring it to life.”

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4. Tumbleweed Market

According to Sheldon and White, Tumbleweed Market is every aesthetic lover’s dream. 

The boutique truly speaks to its customers with washes of warm browns, beiges, and sage,

The market’s merchandise features women’s clothing, shoes, kids’ clothing and items, furniture, home décor, gifts, plants, and more. 

But it doesn’t stop there, Tumbleweed also hosts a sustainable and curated consignment department with baby, toddler, and adult clothing. 

“The owners consist of a young group of women who portray their vision and have the ability to curate perfection,” stated Sheldon.

5. LaRue’s

“A French bakery opening in downtown Aberdeen wasn’t on our bingo card in 2023, but we’re ecstatic to have LaRue’s,” Sheldon said with a chuckle. 

Tucked into The Alonzo Ward Hotel & Plaza on Main Street, the delicate café embodies the European bistro experience. 

The French patisserie serves a variety of fresh bakery items and a specialty menu with breakfast and lunch items. 

The baked goods range daily, but a few local favorites include macarons, eclairs, blueberry scones, fruit tarts, and lemon meringue pie. Though it’s not unusual to see something new the chef whipped up that day. 

“It’s a special experience and truly a treat every time,” shared White.

“We are cultivating our own identity as a community and region, and it’s unlike any other community in the state of South Dakota.” -Alexa Sheldon

6. Anthony Jewelers

“In this age of impersonal online shopping and very few in-person interactions, Anthony Jewelers is the type of old-school, customer-first experience that I believe we all yearn for,” explained White. 

Anthony Jewelers has been in business for 38 years but has recently relocated to the heart of downtown across from the Dacotah Prairie Museum and the Alonzo Ward Hotel. 

Owner Anthony Schwan, a master goldsmith, obtained advanced training in diamonds and provides in-house jewelry repairs, watch repairs, and custom-made orders. 

Known for their slogan, “You Dream It, We Will Make It,” Schwan and his team will deliver exactly what customers need.

“With an honest owner and beautifully crafted pieces, choosing Anthony Jewelers for your next sparkly purchase is a no-brainer,” said Sheldon. 

For more information, visit DOWNTOWNABERDEEN.ORG+

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