One of Rapid City’s most unique and interesting landmarks, the original Rapid City firehouse structure (built in 1915) is best known for being South Dakota’s first brew pub. But don’t stop there – enjoy Firehouse Brewing Company’s diverse menu with specialties like the buffalo burgers or Rancher’s Pie inside or on the heated, outdoor patio (did we mention giant fire pits?). Not in the mood for beer? They have a full bar and Firehouse Wine Cellars.

Mulled Wine


1 Bottle of Firehouse Wine Cellars’ Adventurer red wine (60 percent Cabernet Sauvignon and 40 percent Orange Muscat blend with notes of plum and cherry cordial)

1/8 C brown sugar or honey (adjust for desired sweetness)

2 Cinnamon sticks

1 Tsp whole cloves

1 Tsp whole all-spice

3 Orange segments


Pour wine in a stock pan or crock pot and add orange segments.

Combine spices and tie inside a cheesecloth or inside a loose-leaf tea strainer. Add to wine.

Heat on medium until very hot, but do not boil.

Reduce heat to medium low and mull for 20-30 minutes.

Remove spices and serve warm.

Adam Martinez
Assistant Wine-Maker and Chemist

“Mulled wine is a holiday staple. Our Adventurer Cabernet Sauvignon and Orange Muscat blend is the perfect wine to use, and mulled wine is the best way to take the chill out of the cold, winter air.”

Asian Slaw with Seared Tuna


4 oz. Sushi-grade Ahi Tuna

1 Ripe avocado

4 oz. Edamame

2 oz. Shredded matchstick carrots

2 oz. Finely shredded red cabbage

1 1/2 fl oz. Seasoned rice wine vinegar

3 oz. Sesame oil

Sriracha, wasabi paste and soy sauce for garnish


Lightly sear outside of ahi tuna, then cut razor-thin.

Toss edamame, carrots, cabbage, vinegar, and oil together and place in a ring mold.

Cut avocado in half and take out pit and skin, crush avocado on top of slaw.

Remove mold, and layer tuna on top of avocado and slaw.

Garnish with sriracha, wasabi, and soy sauce.

Wylie Keller​

Assistant Kitchen Manager

“​Our Asian slaw with seared tuna ​is a colorful  appetizer with a hint of spice. Your holiday guests will love this healthy and bold dish.”

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