In the middle of a pandemic, people worldwide are confined to their residences, working from home (WFH). They’re waking up to the same things daily: the same bed, the same living room, the same cup of coffee.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Who says working remotely has to literally be in your home?

“There are some people who just can’t afford that vacation time. They have to work,” said Alyssa Ermish, marketing and logistics project manager with Black Hills & Badlands Tourism Association. “That doesn’t mean they still can’t escape where they are and go somewhere else, take hikes that are different, enjoy different dining.”

One way to escape? Explore different spots in the Black Hills and “stay and play.”

“A big part of it is getting out of the house and making your home feel less like that’s where you live your whole life,” explained Ermish.

In the Black Hills, there are a variety of unique lodging options, while also being secluded, and still have all of the amenities needed to get work done. Check out the Black Hills & Badlands Places to Stay page to find the best fit, whether that be a cabin, resort, bed and breakfast, or camping site.

Ermish says that the most important aspect of going to a different destination to work remotely is simply a change of scenery: from the prairie to mountains, to simply a new coffee shop or patio.

Black Hills Bites

Chow down at farm-to-table restaurants and enjoy international cuisine. Nibble on items like bison burgers, walleye, chislic, fresh donuts, pies, and homemade ice cream. Black Hills & Badlands has countless suggestions here.

“You get to have that change of pace, scenery, feel,” she said. “You’re not stuck with the same dining option. You don’t have to cook for yourself because it’s almost like a vacation.”

In the Black Hills, Ermish has found a variety of places for people to work remotely and enjoy their stay. 

And winter can’t stop someone from working in the elements. Well, for the most part.

Prairie Berry Winery in Hill City recently put up transparent igloos. The heated domes create a cozy space to rent and get some work done, and from inside the igloos, Ermish says visitors can see the beauty of the area.

The space also allows for getting out while social distancing and keeping privacy.

“Whether you have a family, you’re single, or you’re just two married people that want to get out, I think it’s a great option to consider.” -Alyssa

“You can still enjoy that local aspect of products, dining, service, experience,” said Ermish.

In downtown Rapid City, there are plenty of cafes and restaurants to set up a makeshift office. Check with each establishment’s COVID-19 regulations to see what works best for you.

Main Street Square offers another kind of escape from the hustle of the job with its outdoor ice skating rink and plenty of shops to keep visitors busy and safe.

“In downtown Rapid City, there’s a lot to do,” said Ermish. “You don’t have to go inside if you don’t want to. It has that option that you could take your time and be safe outdoors.”

3 Day Getaway

Check out Black Hills & Badlands Tourism Association’s 3 Day Getaway for a more recreational guide to the Black Hills experience.

When work gets to be too much, or it’s time to be done for the day, stroll through the city and check out Art Alley or the City of Presidents.

Spend some time off the clock at Outlaw Square in Deadwood that offers similar ice skating options with the addition of nearby casinos and gaming. 

Ermish warns to be cautious when traveling right now in the middle of the pandemic. 

At the end of the long work week, take some time to unplug. Pack up and drive the scenic route out to Spearfish Canyon. View Spearfish Falls and Bridal Veil Falls.

Other outdoor options that Ermish recommends checking out include Dinosaur Park, Storybook Island, Mount Rushmore National Memorial, and Crazy Horse Memorial.

Black Hills & Badlands is prioritizing safe travel. For more information, visit

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