In 2019, Bonny Fleming and her partners were in the process of setting up a haunted house experience when their venue fell through. 

“Initially we were just looking for a temporary/seasonal space where we could build a haunted attraction, but what we found instead was a perfect space to rent long term and it kind of just inspired the rest,” said Fleming. 


With a new space and an idea inspired by various nostalgic games, November 2020 welcomed Game On to Rapid City. 

“We came up with all the games ourselves, designed them, and built them from scratch,” said Fleming. “Game On didn’t come from a box or a franchise; it is homegrown, Black Hills fun.” 

There is a myriad of multiplayer and single-player gaming experiences for customers.

In Z-Tag, or Zombie Tag, players are either humans or zombies. Human players race to find checkpoints in order to heal others, and zombies take down as many people as possible.  

Groups can give Temple Quest a try to solve as many puzzles in 12 minutes as possible, unlocking hidden treasure for tickets. This adventure is Fleming’s favorite.

For board game fans, step onto a larger-than-life, pirate-themed board in Yar Turn. Players roll huge dice, spin a wheel, and try to get ahold of the medallion to unlock the treasure.

Anyone looking for a more individual experience may find interest in the Lazer Vault, weaving through lasers to try and beat each level for tickets.

Other personal experiences include virtual reality and a retro arcade.

“Game On is inspired by our desire to make huge interactive art,” explained Fleming.

Interactive Inspiration

Fleming says she felt inspired by Rapid City residents, Indiana Jones, the ‘80s and ‘90s, video games, the Floor is Lava and other nostalgic games, old-school Nickelodeon, and Meow Wolf interactive experiences. 

PEOPLE MIGHT KNOW ME FROM… my photography work. I owned and operated Bonzeye Studio in downtown Rapid City for a few years. We also worked as a team to create Fort Fear back in the day. 

I STARTED GAME ON BECAUSE… that’s the way the universe pushed us. I strongly believe Rapid City needs this space. We hope to create a safe place for youth and families to come together for simple, creative fun.  

MY FAVORITE WAY TO SPEND MY LEISURE TIME IS… is exploring nature and thinking of new fun things to make at Game On. 

Game On is also a multi-use, customizable space. Our Z-Tag arena was designed to be cleared. Just recently we have started hosting dance parties, roller skate nights, car shows, and competitions in this space.” -Bonny Fleming

WHAT I LOVED ABOUT PUTTING TOGETHER THESE EXPERIENCES the challenge of it all. In the past when we did haunted houses, it was always temporary. It has been so rewarding to spend our time building something that gets to stick around for a while. 

ONE OF MY FAVORITES PROJECTS HAS BEEN… Temple Quest. It is by far the coolest thing we have ever done. It is such a cool space. Just walking in is an awe-inspiring experience. 

Our priority is always, first and foremost, ridiculous fun.” -Bonny Fleming


I LOVE TO GRAB A BITE OR DRINK AT… a new place called Michelle’s Tacos. You must check it out. 


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